Global Fusion Tacos

House Prepared Fresh Ingredients

Uniquely Designed Flavor Combinations

Flavor Packed Vegetarian Options

Craft Beers and House Margaritas


Disenchanted with the snobby hubbub within the world of fine dining, the GNAR bunch broke free from their corpo-chains with the intent on providing the same detailed and complex culinary experience for all. They formulated a chef driven, street food-inspired concept through an immense passion for creating unique flavor profiles, made with the freshest ingredients. After several months of brain storming, sappy 80’s power ballads, and decoupage, TACO DEL GNAR, a.k.a Gnarly Tacos, was born as an “elevated fast food restaurant” with the mantra that a tortilla is solely a vessel to sail thought-provoking cuisine to your taste buds.

GNAR is defined by the high scale of coolness, radicalness and non-conformity.  These principals have been instilled to separate our cuisine from the typical taco joint.

Passion will be tasted in every bite. The “Tattoo Shop” atmosphere, the hand-crafted margaritas, and muse-inspired daily creations guarantee good vibes with a family-friendly, casual dining experience that all can enjoy. Stop by, grab some grub, and let the insatiable addiction begin at THE GNAR.